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“Alignment trumps everything.” Abraham Hicks

For those of you who follow me, you know I’ve built my life and my company anchored in the concept of Alignment. In this series of programs entitled: Alignment at Work™, the first course: "Fast Track to Alignment– Inner Alignment to Outer Strength" was focused on tapping into your own secret sauce and using it to create the life and career you want. It is foundational to tapping into your own secret sauce and using it to create the life and career you want.

Yet, we don’t stop there. Aligning who we are with how we are perceived is critical. Especially in today’s transparent digital world, being congruent is a requirement. Everyone has a brand, whether we know it or not. We need to be deliberate about what we want to be known for, as this becomes our reputation and our personal brand.
I invite you to take this next step as you create (or redefine) the brand you want and leverage it effectively so that you will be seen, valued, and respected in the manner you want, and by doing so, exceed every goal you have for your career.

With best intentions,
Kristin Kaufman

This Alignment at Work™ - Brand Alignment program is a 6-week condensed accelerator for leaders who:
- want to be taken seriously
- who want to be known for 
- what they want to be known for and; 
- want their reputation to proceed them. 

It is for leaders who want to learn how to:
leverage their brand for promotions, 
increased responsibilities, 
professional growth, more money, and even expansion into new fields and opportunities. 

In our 6 weeks together you will get:

  •  A step by step methodology to assess your current brand and determine if there is a 'gap' between where you are today and where you want to be going forward.
  •  A proven process to align your values and your authentic self to the brand you want to create.
  • ​Provocative tools, concepts, and techniques to:
  • Identify the behaviors which are sabotaging your brand
  • ​Integrating the 4 'Non-Negotiables' for establishing a powerful brand
  • How to fully leverage your brand in person and in the digital realm for the greatest return on your investment of time and energy

At the end of the 6 weeks, you will have:
~ Clarity on your brand
~ What to avoid and what to embrace to solidify that brand
~ A rock-solid approach to leveraging your brand going forward
~ Foundational next steps to take to keep going forward

    How does this work?

    This innovative program will be delivered in a hybrid format. It is not enough to ‘read a book’ or ‘listen to a keynote’ relative to building a personal brand. This program was designed to cement the concepts resulting in tangible results.

    Coaching – Benefit from TWO one-on-one sessions with Kristin to personally – provide advice, guidance, and perspectives bon how you can optimally leverage your new or refined brand going forward.

    eLearning Platform – Access to course modules when you need them. Each module will contain videos, combined with worksheets, handouts, recordings, and additional resources. 
    You will have access to these downloadable materials throughout the course.

    Week 1: A Brand Baseline

    ~Gain clarity on what a brand is and what it is not.
    ~ Solidify why it matters
    ~ Assess your current brand…. Inner Alignment (your own perspective) and Outer Alignment (other perspectives)

    Week 2: The Reflection in the Mirror

    ~ Take a deep dive on who you really are
    ~ Determine what you want to be known for
    ~Explore behaviors that may be sabotaging your brand
    ~ 1:1 Coaching Session with Kristin

    Week 3: The Cornerstones for a Powerful Brand

    ~ Learn what the 4 'Non-Negotiables' are for any brand
    ~ Determine how to integrate these into your day-to-day life

    Week 4: Leveraging your Brand

    ~Learn how impactful the 'company you keep' can be and how to choose wisely
    ~ Learn how to posture for promotion
    ~ Learn how to integrate your brand into your communication approach

    Week 5: Your Brand and the Digital World

    ~ How to Optimize your visibility in a virtual arena
    ~ Social Media '101' Branding Tips
    ~ How to Tell Your Story with Impact

    Week 6: Taking Aligned Action

    ~ Questions to Prioritize your Next Steps
    ~ Defining your Brand game plan
    ~ Resources for on-going work to Refine your Personal Brand
    ~ 1:1 Coaching Session with Kristin
    What clients have to say about the experience of working with Kristin...

    ”Kristin is such a transformational coach! So grateful to have access to her AMAZING coaching. I will never regret partnering with her!”  Marissa F

    "Kristin’s style was so helpful to me - truly East meets West. She offers visionary insight but peppers it with just enough practicality. 
    Unlike other courses in the past, this one has given me a stronger foundation to really move forward in my life." Robert N.

    "Kristin really cares. Her exercises are thought provoking - not surface level. Her approach is truly transformational - because the answers and directions came from within me."
    Ben L. 

    "You always said it is an 'inside job'.... yet, you made it FUN, and I learned so much from this material." Susie W.

    "Working with Kristin is a privilege which I hope many other professionals like myself have the opportunity to experience. Her firsthand experiences combined with a top-notch arsenal of tactics and tools to navigate have proven invaluable to me." Jennifer A.

    "Her experience, attitude, and intelligence are assets for anyone. She has a unique blend of empowering you while giving direct feedback. Her approach will give great clarity on what you need to do to move forward." Gregg F.
    "Smart. Savvy. Strategic thinker. Creative. Transformational leader. She helped me figure out 'what's next' and helped me get there." Janet Y.

    "Kristin was able to tap into my vision and hold me accountable to that vision." 
    Carol M.

    "The process of working with Kristin is stimulating, thought provoking, and ultimately helped me choose the path I chose." Ashlee W.

    "She has been an incredible sounding board and challenged me to grow as a person and a leader." Bobbi D.

    “Kristin quickly gains a person's confidence and trust which enables
    her to help them internalize, accept, and act on the message she is delivering. Her energy is contagious and helps people achieve more than they ever thought possible.” Judy R

    Ready to Get Started??

    Working hard and not getting the visibility you want?
    Not getting the promotion you want?
    Feeling like your voice is not being heard?
    Feeling like EVERYONE else has a seat at the table and you don't?
    Feeling like you are simply not moving your career forward in the manner or speed you DESIRE?

    It Could be HOW you are being Perceived 

    Alignment at Work™ - Brand Alignment
     could be the tweak you need to catapult you forward. 
    It is astonishing how a few small shifts can literally transform the way you are perceived and open new opportunities for you. 

    Let’s do this.

    Meet Kristin Kaufman

    Kristin refers to herself as a ‘recovered’ corporate executive.

    After 25+ years in the corporate arena leading multi-billion dollar businesses, she left and became a successful entrepreneur. As an ICF certified professional coach (over 50,000 hours of coaching to her clients), she has taken her concept of Alignment, which changed the trajectory of her own life, and impacted tens of thousands of lives and businesses for the past 16 years.

    To be a successful leadership coach, it is Kristin’s belief, it is of great benefit to have been successful in business, and faced the ups and downs that every successful business leader has faced.

    Kristin is a very warm and approachable person. Yet, what really cuts to the chase is her 25 years of expertise in Fortune 50 corporate and non-profit leadership roles.

    In 2009, Kristin pursued, and was awarded, the distinction of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation and also achieved the designation of Certified Leadership Coach through the esteemed program of Georgetown University – an exclusive, highly competitive, program. This leadership coaching certificate is distinctive from other executive coaching programs in that the focus and rigor was designed to help coaches and consultants learn how to help leaders reach their potential and achieved sustainable transformation through their work together.
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