Alignment at Work™ 
Fast Track to Alignment

4 Steps to the Career you Want 
(and a Salary to Match)
Ever wonder how folks land the perfect job, doing what they love, AND making a 6 figure ++ salary?

Ever wonder if there is a 'secret sauce' to finding (or creating) that career for yourself?

Have you ever walked into your office and this 'it'? 

And then after a long sigh....just put your head down and being to slog it out again?

I get it.

And yes....there is another way. 

Today I want to share the first 4 Steps that all of my clients have taken to build incredible is a 'secret sauce'.

Join us.
This Live Training Begins:
Thursday, October 21, 2021
10PDT / 11AM MDT / 12PM CDT / 1PM EDT

Time left until webinar starts…
“Alignment trumps everything.” Abraham Hicks

If you feel dissatisfied, frustrated, or even stifled in your career…. 

or in the organization in which you work…. 

or perhaps in the direction in which you are heading….

odds are, you are out of alignment.

There is no better time than now to step back, look at where you are - and where you want to be – and take the first steps to really build what you want in your life and your career.
In this Webinar - Kristin Shares with you....
  • What ‘Alignment at Work™ - Fast Track to Alignment’ is, does it matter, and what makes this approach so powerful?
  • The first and single most important step to take to lay the foundation for Alignment
  • 3 additional steps to take to keep moving forward toward Alignment
About Your Teacher....
Kristin refers to herself as a ‘recovered’ corporate executive. After 25+ years in the corporate arena
leading multi-billion dollar businesses, she left and became a successful entrepreneur. As an ICF certified
professional coach (over 50,000 hours of coaching to her clients), she has taken her concept of
Alignment, which changed the trajectory of her own life, and impacted tens of thousands of lives and
businesses for the past 16 years.
What Kristin’s Clients say about the experience of working with Kristin

” Kristin is such a transformational coach! So grateful to have access to her AMAZING aching. I will never regret partnering with her!” Marissa
"You always said it is an 'inside job'.... yet, you made it FUN, and I learned so much from this material." Susie W.
"Kristin’s style was so helpful to me - truly East meets West. She offers visionary insight but peppers it was just enough practicality. Unlike other courses in the past, this one has given me a stronger foundation to really move forward in my life." Robert N.
"The process of working with Kristin is stimulating, thought provoking, and ultimately helped me choose the path I chose." Ashlee W.
"Working with Kristin is a privilege which I hope many other professionals like myself have the opportunity to experience. Her firsthand experiences combined with a top-notch arsenal of tactics and tools to navigate have proven invaluable to me." Jennifer A.
"Kristin was able to tap into my vision and hold me accountable to that vision." Carol M.
What are you waiting for? If you feel out of sync, wondering if ‘this is all there is’, not getting the promotion you want, feeling unfulfilled, not sure WHAT to do…. this class could be the jumpstart you need. 
It is time to take the reins on your life and career. 
See you on the live call!
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